Have you been in Europe ? How hard is it to get a programming job there ?

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    Please don't come to Europe. Thx.
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    Depends where. Most places where it is easy, you don't want to live and where you want to live it is hard.
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    @TheWrongGod If you want France, you will have to speak french. A pretty nationalistic country.

    Where any tv show is dubbed, any movie in the cinema is dubbed...
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    @Grumm similar stuff with Germany, literally everything is dubbed and unless you live in Berlin, you will need German at some point.
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    Why you didn't started with that? Of course you can go to France. :D I thought you were asking about Europe,I mean the better parts, where decent people live.
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    It’s not harder than in the US, but then again i have only minimal experience in the US job market. I’m from France and I’ll say there’s a steady demand of developers here. If I had to give an advice on techs you could focus on for this very country it would be the .NET environment + js/ts and react.
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    @Earu heh react

    You know u forget what that lib does
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    @Earu BTW Paris was awesome and foggy last time i was there :)
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    Despite what many tourist agencies and people will tell you Paris is a hell hole, don’t live there, don’t work there.
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    @Earu i think I traveled there at one of the showy times then
    Just like London
    Or where I presently am
    Ordinarily in the USA certain areas are inhabited by dirty lazy trashy people who let everything fall apart in the cities and refuse to improve them
    Marseilles was nice too when I was there
    They must have sent me on the nice route lol
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    @Earu you know it's like the first time I go most places everything is cleaned up then this crap happens and they help everything along to trash ville

    Like times square in NY

    Or Manhattan for that matter

    Chicago could be worse right now

    And this place looks like a nursing home for deformed veterans got kicked into the street heh
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    @Earu but it didn't yearssssss ago though it might have been the same real year
    Thy just you know delayed everything to confuse time periods

    And then repeated everything in part
    Everything kind of sucks in comparison to the fools gold era heh
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    @Earu I've taken to providing uplifting ambient narrative asking them to just roll their old chomo asses into the ditch outside and wait patiently for us to come around and drop some dirt and some complimentary earthworms to AId in the decomposition they've already half finished
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    @Earu I would so love to speed their pervy journey to hell

    They're all pretending to be dep gen or thereabouts and I find that offensive
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