Which favicon sizes do you use? Most sites I see still use 32x32 as the default.
Plus a list of higher red icons with and an apple-touch-icon at 192x192 or 180x180 being the most common.

Reason I'm asking is Google recommended anything divisible by 48. https://developers.google.com/searc... First example is 48x48, which is not even generated by most favicon-generators and I rarely see.
And from what I can tell Google Search shows 32x32 for most sites.

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    Use this site which generates all the 'correct' sizes: https://realfavicongenerator.net/

    It's more complicated than you think, check out all the link / meta tags you should add when prompting to export / download the zip file

    Also about the site.webmanifest file: https://stackoverflow.com/questions...).
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    @fullstackclown Good resources, I know the basics though mainly wanted to get into the nitty gritty.

    For example which ones can reasonably be skipped.

    that favicon generator will generate a 16x16

    But https://developers.google.com/searc...
    "Caution: Don't provide a 16x16px favicon."

    I assume they mean as the default. But still, wonder if that size is generally kinda obsolete unless you've got extreme legacy requirements.
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    @jiraTicket honestly you'll probably have to get down to what browser specifications are to get the "optimum" favicon - at this point i'm so skeptical of web i can almost guarantee there is no standard size. different browsers will want or like different sizes. it's a mess
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    I just provide a svg as favicon and a 500px apple-touch-icon png
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