I'm thinking about creating a chat app in Azure/c#/websocket. Is this a bad idea in terms of costs or will I be better off going something like node JS/aws?

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    with nodejs comes npm. And dont we all love that :)
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    ~ $ npm install

    Jet engines start
    Your disk is sweating
    You're downloading 25 vulnerabilities
    You now have a thermonuclear reactor installed on your laptop even though you just wanted one library for your tiny little project
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    @jonas-w hmmm :(
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    Npm makes my blood boil!
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    @joewilliams007 ja ist doch so
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    Welp using c# and mostly Azure on purpose just sounds too weird to me
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    I built a prototype chat app with azure and c# in like… 30 minutes. Just use SignalR and it does the web socket stuff automatically
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    Microsoft (azure/C#) vendor lockin, so a no from me.

    Websocket is good anyway but needs a performant backend to handle all the messages.
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    @mabbott94 what if one is a stack that requires a full stack run by a single company and the other is a giant mess but can run anywhere?

    Microsoft(azure/C#) vs node
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