I haven’t written a single test in my life 🥴😵‍💫

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    Imagine you have an API with a lot of shit going on; if you do a somewhat major change and you don't have tests, you can't possibly know what you might have broken in the process unless you test everything manually.
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    Wouldnt want to work with you
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    You being serious?
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    @kamen without unit tests you need more manual testing and also be more careful.

    And my experience from 20+ years as full time developer is that very very few projects have tests that really cover everything.

    Even projects with tests are usually either focusing on some areas or some level of code coverage but even with TTD I find that there can exist edge cases that are not covered due to not understanding the code/problem.

    Even 100% coverage is no guarantee that you cover all possible cases.

    But tests help catch some regression and in the best case they catch all expected cases.

    So yes tests help, but you can go without, its just less extra protection.
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    @AnxiousADHDGuy You don’t have to…
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    Weird, none of our code has ever failed unit tests.
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    Unit tests force you to write better, cleaner code. If you're not writing testable code, your codebase will eventually turn into a mess that even you wouldn't want to work with.
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    Bro 1 thing to say from where these type of fucking minded dumbass people come 😂🤣 btw too much funny
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    @salshamz from where? Mostly from fucking India if you ask me.
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    @AnxiousADHDGuy @salshamz

    Found it in this YouTube Video which was made by an American.

    I’m not Indian, stop the tribalism!!

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    @AnxiousADHDGuy yes bro you are fucking right
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    Well as long as you stop at "Your code can fail"

    At my previous job they had a mentality to not waste time with it. So it took me many years to get into it. If you want it to change let me know perhaps I can give you some practical tips.
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    Feel like.. :(
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    I've seen many projects with unmaintainable "unit tests". Which is - maybe - worst than not writing unit tests at all.
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