I'm a senior full stack developer with 6 years of experience is it normal to keep receiving internship opportunities from recruiters?

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    Living with one, they are absolutely desperate.
    The market is crazy and with tons of vacancies to fill it's just a sh*t show :(
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    I'm a middle level with 3-4 yrs of experience which recently got promoted to TL just cause the old one left and I get spammed with TL offers that require 6+ years of exp as programmer and 3+ years as lead. The recruiters are bots
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    Yes. They’re all fucking bots or idiots. Your first ever CV is likely making the rounds still is all probably
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    They are probably just selecting by age for internships. So you will keep receiving such offers until everyone knows that you are too old for that shit.
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    I usually get contracting stuff for React despite never having coded React commercially. YMMV
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    @vBitza it's the algorithms man, they think you are under-valued
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    @PeterDCarter react is crap, and will be crap.
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    @max19931 is it tho? I mean, objectively is it?
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