Today I ran the Windows network troubleshooter because my laptop didn't have wifi.

The troubleshooter ACTUALLY FIXED THE ISSUE!!! This is the first time I see a Windows troubleshooter actually FIX THE ISSUE.

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    It disabled the adapter and re-enabled it. That’s the usual fix.
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    @Root It did a working fix, which is what it's supposed to do. Let's congratulate that!
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    @theKarlisK */returns 0.5x of the bet*

    Yeah, it won't operate without an operating system, so you played for the obvious.
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    I find the idea hilarious that Windows sabotages something to then fix it and appear as a hero.
    But the deception has been blown because we know that the troubleshooter never solvers any problems. :)
    Nice try, Windows. Nice try.
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    I once had an issue with wifi on a new Windows netbook, and the Windows troubleshooter solved it: it pointed out that wifi was switched off with a hardware switch that I hadn't even noticed yet.
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    It's pretty good at fixing the issue when the issue is not having a valid IP address.
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    Probably a glitch in the Matrix.
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    I've had that one good issues before. It clears some caches and dhcp/arp/dns cache can cause an issue. But yeah other tools MS supplies are completely useless.
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    Since windows 7 the network troubleshooter has been pretty reliable :D
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