- Linux (OS)
- VSCodium (General Coding)
- Godot (Game Dev)
- Krita (Digital art and edits)
- Blender (3D Art)
- LibreOffice (Docs)
- LMMS (Music/Audio)

I'm trying to find OpenSource alternatives to anything creative I do.

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    FreeCAD until the Blender plugins for doing CAD mature.

    KiCAD for circuit and PCB design.

    The Dark Mod for FOSS hardcore singleplayer stealth gaming.
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    @Oktokolo Depending on why you need 3D designs, try OpenSCAD.
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    @happygimp0 Thanks, but i prefer a more sketch-based and constraint-driven approach to parametric modeling. Scriptability is a plus, but lack of GUI is a show stopper.
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