"Longest you worked without rest + why?" (2)

Oh, I am an idiot πŸ™‚! 7 hours isn't nearly the longest I've worked without rest (see my previous rant.) I just remembered working non-stop almost for a day in the past.
It was for an annual 48-hour hackathon where people gathered to make games.
It made me promise myself not to work excessively long hours non-stop. My creativity level was way below the ground, and during the after-party, my body sort of kernel-panicked, and I started to become incoherent. I had to call a taxi to find my way home that day.
For the following years, I made sure to get some rest (e.g., go home at night to sleep, spend the lunch break time actually having 'lunch break' and not coding while you're at it, etc.) because I did not want to wreck myself any further.

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