I have a question, how have y’all stayed motivated working on your personal software projects?

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    I’m not haha
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    Motivation is like a hidden random force field: either you have it or you do not, with no way to predict or affect it
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    Think about it several times a day.
    Make plans for it.
    Write down notes.
    Read articles related to it.

    Tell someone you’re going to do it (for accountability). Show them progress updates. Deadlines help.

    Best advice: find it fun. And make time for it.
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    Build stuff I like with tech I enjoy it want to learn.
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    We haven’t, generally speaking.
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    I don't remember the last time I worked on a personal project
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    Motivation is unreliable and highly volatile, look into determination 😎
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    You can't give up now, @Earu
    Stay determined
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