I don't know what to think of Vue 3 Composition API anymore. At first I hated it because it's nothing but one big ole rip off of React, and I hate React so much; its hook system is the most disgusting anti-pattern I've ever seen in the entire JS ecosystem. This gave me the incentive to try out Svelte instead, but after doing so, I look back at Vue 3 and noticed that they're kinda similar... why are so many JS devs allergic to classes? You can have much better written code that way. Idk, I'm waiting for vue-class-component and vue-property-decorator to fully migrate. In the mean time, if I'm gonna be forced to write composition based code, I might as well use Svelte.

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    I once dipped toes in web dev and I was like: just focus on data bro
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    I gave up with vue. The fact they discontinued vue2 and now I have to migrate all my vue projects to the new version by refuckingwriting every component is insane.

    The class component library will never fully migrate, the component decorator is now options and it doesn't work in the same way.

    But, hey, now vue apps are 5% faster than the class component approach, so the 1% of the apps written with vue will see the improvement.

    I'm moving to react. Different shit, bigger community, intrinsically more future proof. Unless Facebook dies in flames.

    I should switch to .net blazor, no fucking npm or personal toy framework like vue.

    I hate ui development.
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    Not a vue Dev buh I will say using React pays alot
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