That feeling when you are on call and a report comes in of a feature not working correctly for a system you know nothing about. Sure, I’ll dig in a bit and troubleshoot before throwing over the fence. Hmm, feature was never coded - not in a shelve-set or branch…just never done. Was supposed to be done over a year ago I’m told. Humanity is too sick to survive.

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    I've seen this happen before. In my case though it was that someone fucked up merging some older branches later on, probably during conflict resolution, and the feature was fully coded but completely dropped during an unrelated merge.

    So the feature was planned, time allocated, people assigned, code coded and even tested in dev and staging environment, but when the release came it was suddenly missing and reported as broken. (it was still present on the FE side of things, because no one fucked that up, just the BE was lobotimized)
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