Those interview questions that are just trivia of obscure language features.

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    I hate the interviews with for loop with i++ in actions and ask what i after the loop
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    @aviophile for tge record, I love C language but I hate the questions like these. Just a circlejerk
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    Or ask round-a-ways something they want you to drop the correct keyword to. Just bloody hate that. Ask what you want to know and trust the person when they tell what they know, there's trial period for a reason. >.>
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    @aviophile The loop counter usually shouldn't be modified anywhere other than in the loop head anyway. I'd use that as entry point to ask them about their code standards and whether that would pass their code review process. Just poking a bit to see what they have.
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    @Fast-Nop my ideal interview is being able to assess candidate’s problem solving(not algo writing) skills and curiosity. Leetcode assessments only measures leetcode solving abilities ironically. Me at second year of my education would be much better at leetcode than I am now, but I am now much better than that version of me, by far.
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