No matter how much social skill improvement I do, it never makes meetings with non-tech leadership type people go as I expect. It is ridiculous how I have gotten so good at communicating, to the point where I can easily manipulate people, but they won't fucking have a straight conversation. Do non-engineers have an inferiority complex every time an engineer slips and says a technical term?

I just sat down in a meeting where I was grilled for answers, and when I went to explain the bigger principal that made them confused, they didn't want that much detail. Wtf? Just tell me you don't care and you want the job done, no need to pretend you want it done together just because you want it done now and your way.

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    Ahh talking with non-tech people abt sth slightly tech related is a pain
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    You have visions of grandeur
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    Answer simply, then redirect to larger picture.
    If they want details, convince them that you will write a detailed email/doc. They will never read it....
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    @magicMirror That's what I always do, but they got to me with the grilling this time, lol
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