story of a release
v2.1.0 major changes went live : new features, bug fixes, optimisations. also included releases for 2 associated libraries
release process tasks:
- do code
- update test cases
- test sample app
- test on another sample app
- get code reviewed and approved by senior ( who takes his own sweet time to review and never approves on first try)
- get code reviewed again
- merge to develop after 20 mins( coz CICD pipeline won't finish and allow merging before that)
- merge to master after 20 mins( coz CICD again)
- realise that you forgot to update dates in markdown files as you thought the release will be on 10th sept and release is happennig on 12th sept coz of sweet senior's code fucking/reviewing time
- again raise a branch to develop
- again get it a review approval by sr (who hopefully gives a merge approval in less time now)
- again get it merged to develop after waiting for 20 mins
- again get it merged to master after waiting for 20 mins
- create a clean build aar file
- publish to sonatype staging
- publish to sonatype release
- wait for 30 mins to show while having your brain fucked with tension
- create a release doc with all the changes
- update the documentation on a wyswig based crappy docs website
- send a message to slack channels
- done


why am i telling you this? coz i just found a bug in a code that i shipped in that release which still got in after all the above shitty processes. its a change of a 3 lines of code, but i will need to do all the steps again. even though i am going through the same shitty steps for another library version upgrade that depends on this library 😭😭

AND I AM THE ONE WHO CAUGHT IT. it went unnoticed because both of those shitty samples did not tested this case. now i can keep mum about it and release another buggy build that depends on it and let the chaos do its work, or i can get the blame and ship a rectification asap. i won't get any reward or good impression for the 2nd, and a time bomb like situation will get created if i go with 1st :/

FML :/

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    In a good environment you would not get blamed. Thats the biggest problem with all of this in my mind.
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    @Voxera the blame is not in manner that someone is scolding me or something, but more of the pressure that comes with it and how the team is unsupportive about finding a big before the client finds it.

    like, i could have utilised my time testing my current release while my senior could have picked up the task of fixing this bug once i had informed him . by the time he would've sent a release, i would have tested my code and would then simply update the dependency in my sdk and release it alongside. now i got to waste another day testing and then release
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    I spent atleast a day automating my apps release process but its SO much better.

    1. Merge changes into main.
    2. Create a release on github
    3. Github actions runs the tests, builds the binaries and automatically uploads them to the release.
    4. I just press release and done.
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    @Voxera hi it's been weeks since I saw ur post
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    @himagites been busy with work and family and only checked in occasionally :)
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    @Voxera alright ma....
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