We had an obligatory training today about security of remote access to company resources.

We sat for an hour listening to some outdated advice regarding passwords and preparing a work environment at home. Finally the instructor said his goodbyes and left. The rest of us stayed in the call to pass some actual recommendations.

Then we received a join request from a waiting lobby. Everyone muted. I let the guy in. For the next 8 minutes we watched the unaware instructor eat his breakfast and sign some documents stamped with a logotype of our competition.

Then I cleared my throat very loudly. He will have to print some of those documents again.

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    much professional

    very security
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    I still know many devs who believes that having HTTPS/SSL cert and strong password = full security.
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    @0xsuid Well better than sec selling services that let their cert run out kek
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    To make it funnier, our main service provider just informed us they're changing server certs this weekend... I'm off in 20 minutes and there's no one else in the office. I think I'm going to conveniently not read this e-mail. Much professional. Very security.
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