I think IT is one the few professions where if someone can’t make it in the lower ranks, they’re quickly considered for management.

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    Java = JavaScript
    HTML = programming language

    You're hired as a manager
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    Management, natures way to remove incompetent from production

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    nah - most of management is a way to remove incompetent people from _any_ profession.

    most management is just managers revolving around themselves so they can't do any actual harm, and the good managers exist to keep those productivity-sinkhole-managers from interacting with those people actually doing the work.
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    I think it applies to many professions.

    If you're not great at sports you can become a coach. If you're not a successful artist you can manage a gallery or art class.

    "Those who can; do. Those who can't; teach"...and you could subscribe teach with manage.
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