When you’re interviewing for a job and the recruiter tells you the hiring manager is brand new, and
the hiring manager’s manager is also new, how do you react?

I’ve had two jobs in the last six years where basically everyone in my sphere of technical collaborators were new to the company and both times it utterly sucked, both for administrative reasons and because there was no institutional/historical knowledge I could lean on to make decent enough decisions on my work.

So now when I hear a recruiter say “oh yes John is the hiring manager, he’s been here six weeks and the Director is also new!” I’m suddenly much less interested in the position anymore.

I’m probably thinking about this too much, right?

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    Ask THEM questions about this. Interviews work both ways. Make them tell you how green they are.
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    @Demolishun They often volunteer that stuff right off the bat.

    But also, I’m not asking for interview help, I’m asking the community how people respond/feel when they’re interviewing at an org where several of the most important people in the line of management are brand new to the company just because I’m curious about experiences outside of the ones I’ve had.
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    @ComputerToucher a Chance for some positive changes in the company.
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    @ComputerToucher I would need more info than that. So I would ask them more questions. I would be more concerned about their technical staff being really green. If the "senior" tech staff was green I would insist I answer to a higher level manager than their tech staff. I don't want to take direction from a doofus.
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