Is it only me or is it bloody hard to get into freelancing or remote work ?

I am a CS graduate, I have worked for a company that owns an online business. I didn't last a year with them for various reasons but let's just say work in my country is not so great. So I have been trying to get a remote position for few months now without a shadow of a success. I've built a Portfolio with a couple of projects while trying Upwork and some remote working websites with no luck.

What are your thoughts on this, what do you recommend me to do ?

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    It really depends on how much experience you have. I have 4 years of experience and just recently landed a remote job quite easily.
    With one year of experience it may be more difficult but certainly not impossible.
    Also, this may sound like a paradox but targeting remote positions reduces the scope of opportunity, at least that was the case for me. I got a lot more offers from businesses in my city (for non remote jobs) than from companies hiring remotely in my country
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    @black-kite I'll consider broadening my scope. I might have put to much focus on the WFH side of things.

    Cheers mate
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