Don't buy the "We're bleeding edge, agile and embrace devops.". Those who proclaim that the loudest are the ones that think they do, but don't.

Oh, and any place that refers to employees as "tech ninjas" or "superstars" or anything cringy like that. Stay away.

This was more how to avoid shitty places. So to find a good place to work, use this statement in your search:

if (!<this_rant>)
... // maybe you're lucky

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    Bleeding edge: "Hey, look at this new thing I discovered! You are now required to use it. No arguing."

    Agile: "It just means faster, right?"

    DevOps: "You mean I can hire one person for two full-time jobs without paying two salaries?"
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    @EmberQuill Yep, that's it - right there!
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    I fuzzy-searched the entire internet... no matches found 😢
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    "Rockstar developers"
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    These words already have an opposite effect on me.
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    @Khazbs Did you know a guy called Dylan Beattie created the Rockstar programming language, just to give developers a chance to show up for an interview and say "yep, I actually am a certified Rockstar developer.



    Check out one of his conference talks as well.

    Very entertaining.
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    I worked at a place where agile was just no structure or decent planning. There are tickets but we where agile because we can jump on anything fast. So you keel getting interrupted (mostly by operational tasks), and whoever screams the loudest or has most sway gets immediate priority...
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    @devdiddydog Yes, I had heard of this programming language, which is precisely why I left that comment! :D Thanks for sharing this story with everyone! :)
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