Best path depends on where you are in life and what you can afford.

Used to be the case that formal college/uni for K-12 graduates was a great path, provided you had the tenacity to stick with the program.

I had almost dropped out of my bachelor of programming systems 4year programme because it was too strict for my lazy ass, but it was totally on me to not be giving it my best.

Now, fast forward to today's age we have a lot of accelerated paths a person can take to get the foot in - bootcamps are successful option for many, but you need to immerse yourself and give it your all to start getting a feel for software dev mindset.

Self-teaching is and was a viable option, but you run a risk of embeddding a lot of potential mistakes to your thinking/process which can make it hard to work in real scenarios with other people.

In short, college and bootcamps are still king, I think

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