Grab some books, watch some videos, read documentation, and just start programming.

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    @red-knot worked for me and if my dumbass can do it others can
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    Ah ok, it’s just that you had answered the how but not the why 😀
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    This. Wasted my time and money on a shitty college that taught me nothing. Everything I know is from work experience and actually just doing the effort of learning on my own
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    @red-knot oh fair enough, yeah I just find that we have so many resources available to us some free, some not free but reasonable with price and most of it comes from experience, playing around/making something, messing up, and debugging. Books, videos, and docs just give you a bigger pool of information to help guide you.
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    @ForeverJunior yeah all I've learned I have learned because I did things on my own, looked things up online or in a book, or had someone else help me with it. I've never had to take a college software course.
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