Good day to all, I’m going to Munich for a month, a car is gentle for rent, maybe I’ll have to drive a hundred kilometers from the city to the suburbs .. I don’t really want to watch the Internet, I don’t believe there is a comment .. just maybe someone can suggest something sensible?

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    Have a safe trip!
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    the most sensible thing to do in munich is:

    get out.

    it sucks.
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    You can rent a car at Munich Airport or ask the manager of the hotel where you are going to stay, I'm sure they will tell you everything on the spot. Munich is not a desert and all issues need to be resolved upon arrival.
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    good, it's good for you that you can go to Munich for a month, I think it will be a short time to be able to explore everything that Munich has to offer, the rental of any car you can surely find near the center of Munich, it is the place more exact where it makes me very logical that there is a car rental service, good luck on your trip
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    Renting a minibus or minibus in Munich will comfortably accommodate 7-8 people. Some beads have 9 places. There are also elongated minibuses for rent, with an increased base. They just have a huge trunk that fits 7-9 suitcases. Coach hire munich is one of the most important elements of organizing a group trip and therefore, of course, we advise you to order such transport only from professionals.
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