Installed NVM with administrator on my new assigned device by company. It has windows 10. I set environment variables and did everything. But the laptop still ain't recognizing node 😤

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    Omg same thing happened. I ended up installing as my regular user
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    Nvm for windows doesn't need you to mess anything with the path. In fact, that's probably why it isn't working.

    You just need admin when running the installer, and when using nvm install and nvm use (as those create a symlink, which requires admin in windows).

    Also you must remove any preexisting node installation as that will cause nvm not to create the symlink.

    Lastly, do check the entries and their order in your path.

    You should see nvm's entry before any other preinstalled node paths, otherwise it won't work. (You can use where command for this).

    Finally, it might also happen that company installed security policies prevent system path changes, but if you could run as admin to install nvm, chances are you can bypass that.
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