Everytime I wake up,
I question whether if I'm stuck in time or not. All my life I've wanted to go out and explore, not be isolated in this tiny place called home that I knew far too well.
I wanted to be in a place with a different timezone, a place with languages that I don't know. That's where I want to go.
I feel as if everyday remains the same and I'm slowly going insane. I want to run, too see, to feel a different kind of breeze.
Yet there's so many limitations and hindrance; Money, that's all I need, money that I don't have. It's so sad that something that's claimed to be insignificant for happiness could limit you from so many things.
The things that will make you happy, the things that will make you learn.
All because of one stupid limitation and all your dreams, crash
and burn.

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    your limitation is imaginary, or better "only in your head".
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    @nebula thank god taxes and endless paperwork are only in my head. You saved us all mate

    next time the flight attendant asks me for those expensive ass tickets, I'll just remind her that the limitation is only in her head, and that I can fly without buying tickets actually. Good riddance
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    @Hazarth if you search for problems you'll find them. if you cannot affort public transport then find another way.
    paperwork rarely costs anything, it's just work. if what you say is true, nobody would accomplish anything because of some "LiFe Is HaRd" bullshit.

    Stop thinking about the issues and start coming up with solutions.
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    @nebula uhm, you literally can't do that without consequences.

    Public transport doesn't go through the ocean last time I checked, so for crossing the continent you either need an expensive boat or plane.

    And often you're also not alone, you might have a family or a fiancé or something. They might have a job. You might have a house with a loan, that needs to be taken care of. You or your wife might have skills that can't be done remotely, + a language barier. Good luck getting employed and putting food on the table. You think this shit is easy? It might be if you're born to a rich family and can travel all you want, but your "start thinking of solutions" bullshit is completely pointless when you have two jobs just to be allowed to *think* about starting a family. The retarded prices of everything and the low wages keep you exactly where you are unless you want to live like an endless tourist and one day realize you have nothing when you're 60 and too old to do anything anymore
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    I hate this fucking pseudo-motivational bullshit. Life *is* shit. Granted, if it wasn't shit it would be boring, but non the less, it is shit.
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    Since when money is insignificant for happiness? If I won a one million dollar lottery today, I would definitely be happy.
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