Hot tip: if you are a company, don’t ever ever ever ever spend your money on an Optimizely academy course. They have the worst course material I have ever seen in my life, and the material is outdated by several years from exercise to exercise. And the training videos are literally just a recording of a live class with a couple students. They should pay me to sit through this fucking shitshow. It is not worth a single cent, but guess how much they charge for the course and certification?!?! $2300 😱🫣😂. It’s so fucking bad I want to kill myself. Whoever decided to pour as little effort into this as possible over at Optimizely, I hereby curse you to a 2300 painful deaths and I hope someone shoves a ice cold rod up your ass to wake you up. *slams keyboard*

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    Let’s face it: Virtually any course/certification on any platform/service is a useless rip off.
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    I can't say that every course I took was a scam. But in fairness, the last course that I took, as it seemed to me, was for more productive work and essay writing of any type https://essaypay.com/do-my-assignme... was the usual attraction to a huge course for a whole year (the one for I signed up for two weeks. The most annoying thing is that at the first lesson we were given a course plan of 20 points, but on the last day we were told: "You can get the remaining 15 points if you register for an annual course and yes, you are incredibly lucky, there is a discount for you."

    Fraud, that's for sure.
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