Sometime ago I was introduced to that game "Stardew Valley", as a way to relax and unwind since it is a dynamic-pace simple-storyline and even simpler interactivity open world.
Well, it worked like a charm (sarcasm). I have a save where I am a profit-maxinizing capitalist who tries to score a million gp in an year - so a regular gamer approach. It wasn't the goal here.
So I got a second save where I just go along, getting enough to get by and no hurry to build farm buildings and whatnot, but slowly building up NPC relationships.
Man, what a good metaphor for life. That approach actually unwinds me.

But the dev in me is just like "just, woah! that is an stellar use case for GPT+3 APIs! You could have NPCs with dynamic adaptative dialog! *And* you can monetize it (piracy-proof!) by charging for API calls! No shops, no collectibles, just a unique but scalable experience!"

What is wrong with me? I gotta change into the second-save mindset...

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    ah, you got a case of the "my mind cannot stop generating ideas to not work on" OCD, too?
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    @virtualdev I'm functional enough to actually work on those I'm being paid to work on. But one day I will get back to my phone-charging-shoes idea.
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    >I'm functional enough to actually work

    that makes one of us... lol
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    speaking of your phone charging shoes idea; you should do it. I often wear a pair of sandals from crocs with a mico backpack pocket lol. It fits my car keys, and a few items...today, I wished I had a tiny powerbank for quick charging.

    Also, yeah, work from home really made the freak in me shine
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    See what womens do to mimic a fraction of our power (proper pockets in pants :D)
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