Always estimating for the best possible, quality solution. I refuse to write anything less than perfect. Also I estimate the time based on how I feel that day lol.

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    Ik someone who always boasts about DRY, SOLID, perfect code etc but he's just overcomplicating everything to not repeat some line twice and misuses language features to look "smart", which results in the most unreadable and unmaintainable spaghetti code

    Less than perfect is okay
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    @devRancid uhm, excuse me. But code duplication is way less readable than an extra line or two here and there... Not to mention maintainable. You want to hunt the same broken code all over the codebase, or would you rather trust, that once you fix an issue, all related locations will use the fixed version?! >:c
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    @Hazarth it was literally 2 lines containing mostly independent string replacements with no related locations and doesn't need to be repeated more often in the future

    He "refactored" it by adding 20 lines containing enum + map + forEach + with + dynamically creating the strings + some out of place methods to glue everything together 🤢

    That's like rewriting print("Hello world") to not repeat the "l" character 3x
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    @devRancid loving the Hello World example 😂

    Will use it to explain when not to DRY.
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    @devRancid good example. I laugh
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    @devRancid I’m offended that you would group me into the same category as this programmer u describe lol
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    Oh didn't want to
    Just commenented because it's related to "perfect code"
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