What is web scraping in practice? What are the advantages of this and how to use web scraping?

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    It is the slowest, most error prone and most unreliable method of fetching data. On the plus side, you may use it for E2E tests.
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    Well advantages are scraping data without permission from websites. But they do so much to rate limit you these days...
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    There are benefits to taking information without permission from websites. But these days, they take so many steps to rate-limit you. https://food-le.com
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    @phantomgroggy nice copy paste. Even changed som words
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    A web scraping https://mydataprovider.com/ is a tool designed to extract data from a web page accurately and quickly. An important part of each scraper is data locators, which are used to find the data you want to extract from an HTML file. Once the desired information is collected, it can be used according to the needs and goals of the specific business.
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