So I have a hardware project which requires two spindles to move something. Turns out one of the two i ordered has a sliiiightly smaller pitch than the other. Therefore it to moves slower than the other one and shit doesnt work.
FuckThis.exe I go to the hardware store and get two M8 threaded rods with nuts. Install it and it works. This shizz has less backlash than both spindles combined and cost 1/3 of just one propper spindle.
This is pretty much the first time I've seen the shitty solution work waaay better than the propper one.

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    What kind of line are you using? The benefit of spindles over rigid guides is reduced resistance and wear, depending on your choice of line and operating speed this may become a problem in production.
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    @lorentz Its just prototyping with shitty ebay hardware. I dont want to wait another 3 weeks to get the correct one cheaply from china and using a euro supplier is just too damn expensive. If it ever makes it to production I could swap it out easily since its designed for one and not for my hack.
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