How to deal with having to work on a very boring task?

I work as android dev in a company where there are around 40 of android devs in total. When I was working on frontend architecture and UI related tasks everything was perfect and I loved my job.

But now for the next couple months all of us have to work on migrating all of our db layer models and business logic related to them to a new built in house ORM library and its a total trainwreck.

Everyone is confused, the task is very boring and obscure and deadline is around 2 months. Just to clarify: one guy did 50% of migration and it took him couple years. Now they are throwing roughly 20 devs at the problem thinking they can do this in 1-2 months.

One week already passed and TBH I havent even started working on this, I just picked up a task and now Im trying to wrap my head around this. Its so boring and obscure and expectations are so unrealistic that I want to kill myself.. Thinking of just taking my 2 weeks vacation to escape this shit or even quitting my job if this goes on longer than a month or two.

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    Usually the interesting stuff I work on is also mind consuming. I always appreciate working on some more boring stuff to put my brain to rest a bit. A few days of boring here and there is good. But two or three months of it? Yeah I’d be frustrated.
    For now, my advice for you to get the ball rolling on what you have to do. You may find out that it’s not so boring after all and that there are some challenges worth tackling in this whole migration process
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    @red-knot I needed this.
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