Ticket: We were able to get the site launch, but we lost some functionality on x. Can you fix ASAP?

Not a single url, didn't even know they were going to launch, or where. There must be an achievement for this. 🤡

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    Of course they got an achievement for that - you just didn't know where to look for it.
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    I've determined over the past few years that some people just assume you're fully 100% dedicated to only their project and no other, even when you tell them that's not the case.

    I got a ticket once that just said "the server is down." That's it. No additional details like environment (is it even prod?), IP address, whether it's in our data center or a cloud provider, etc. Nothing.

    We have thousands of servers. Could've been any one of them.
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    @EmberQuill It likely was one of the servers the author of the email cared about 😉
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    @EmberQuill we had a sales that became an internal meme.

    He often sent emails about problems with only a subject line, no body, and the subject was “Its error”.

    Nothing more.
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