So you heard from that awesome tool that apparantly everybody uses.

Go to the web page:
One single continuous page in 90ies style with random blahblah targetting expert users and various edge cases without context. Some lines about arcane build commands in an unfamiliar language.

Not even a single, comprehensive line, what it does, what it is good for, no minimal example or hint even how to run it.

So you write thousands of lines of dense code, but are not able to drop some first lines of plain, understandable english for people just visiting the first time? How hard could it be? Fuck you, srsly.

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    Just opened the OpenAI website because that is now the one and only awesome tool that everybody uses in the world.

    And it looked fine to me. 🤷‍♂️
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    @krantrant Which tool do you mean?
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    There are a couple explanations:

    - the homepage acts solely as a news feed and there's an about page on the nav (this used to be standard practice)

    - the tool is not actually popular enough to sustain a learning resource, which is to say, it's unknown to most field experts

    - they have a free book, usually downloadable from the site, explicitly aimed at beginners

    - there's a well-known article, tutorial, wiki page or combination of these. It'll be high up on Google for the name of the tool because newbies constantly refer to it

    - it's perfectly understandable to the target audience and you should look for a more beginner-friendly tool because you'd shoot your leg off with it anyway
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    When a project on GitHub/GitLab/... has an extensive "examples" dir 🥰
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