Node developers are something else, you can work on a project that is 2 years old and find abandonware dependencies that were last updated 4 years ago.

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    Wait until you learn how outdated software you can find even on up-to-date Linux distros. And it's often not even abandoned software, it's just that nobody cares to compile the updated version for the given distro so distro maintainers just keep the existing one.
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    @hitko I don’t have a problem with that; distros are released infrequently, especially LTS distros, it’s pretty well expected that you’ll have to update packages.

    It’s the abandonware that’s an issue, like you can check and see the last update was 2 years ago and there’s 30 open PRs, sometimes the author even tells people not to use it.
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    @tedge So it doesn't bother you that operating systems on countless machines have outdated packages, it doesn't bother you that they don't receive important updates in order to maintain backwards compatibility because updating would be too much work, but it bothers you that some irrelevant Node app you happen to work on uses abandoned libraries? You clearly have some serious delusions about software development and how it works...
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    @hitko sorry if I was insensitive, I only have so many fucks to give. I’m not directly responsible for those countless servers so it’s hard to relate. I probably can’t care too much about dilapidated node apps either.

    Sometimes I remind myself that I’m just as happy living in a tent in the woods
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