Ok I finally took a peek at this thing, it is cool, but here’s an interesting caveat

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    Yeah, that's pretty much the argument used to protect companies.

    Training the AI with code that either does not belong to us or is not licensed under something permissive enough does not constitute a breach of intellectual property.

    Code written by our AI is ours.


    So even if the AI regurgitates code character by character. they just wash their hands of any responsability on the matter. Pretty bad precedent and yet another reason not to use StackExchange and Github.
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    @nitnip it seems like a legal ball of yarn no? Could openai sue me for using code generated by gpt?
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    @tedge I don't think it's in openAI's best interest to have any type of legal battles.
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    @nitnip seems fair, but I wouldn’t take it on faith that they would never be interested.

    I asked it about licensing; responsible companies usually take this to mean that they can’t use the code
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