Make good progress on Orchid, my pet project, the functional programming language that has no syntax apart from what the macros define. A type system, an interpreter and provisions for a compiler would be nice for a start.

Finish my bachelor's degree on some unspecified part of Orchid, at the current pace that would most likely be just the Hindley-Milner algorithm.

Don't get fired from the gem of a job I have, and move to London because I'm a city rat and the only way I can sleep well apparently is with a tram or drunken people screaming under my window.

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    Looks like your language is a language for defining languages - its syntax is the syntax used to write the macros.

    Also wonder whether it improves readability and maintainability a lot when each application is written in a more or less different language.

    But grats for choosing Hindley-Milner - it is the only correct choice.
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    @Oktokolo There will be standard syntax for standard features, defined with the STL. Every library can define its own syntax, and because all these compile into the same basic lambda calc, they can be mixed freely.
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