Ah very good, it seems Windows has taken the liberty of putting a link to Edge on my desktop again. Just in case I had accidentally removed it or something.

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    Son, Windows knows better than you what you need
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    Honestly that is fine. What I dislike is them putting a weather app on my task bar. Then filling that app with lying MSM news garbage. Indoctrination much Microsoft?

    BTW, Bill's wife Melinda, suggested the name of his company after their wedding night... ;-)
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    @Demolishun That's the difference between Windows and Linux. When I click on the weather app in my Cinnamon panel, you know what I get? Surprise, surprise: more detailed weather data.
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    @Fast-Nop It is 2023, that is so weird. I half expect everything to be an ED advertisement.
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    I honestly don't know or care what's on my desktop. I have the apps I use the most pinned to the taskbar, and for everything else I just open the start menu and type the name.
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    Luckily didn't happen to me (on Windows 10), but I hate when apps do that after an update, if I'm not mistaken were vlc and teamviewer
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    @Demolishun u really think its fine for ur os(that cost money) to automatically add shortcuts for ads?
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    @joewilliams007 Edge is shortcut for ads? What?
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    @Demolishun yes. The shortcut is an ad to their own product :)
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    @joewilliams007 you mean like Mac os,chrome os,Android and iOS have apple and Google ads on the home/dock
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    And.. Did you accidentally remove it?
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