Most tedious part of my day...

While meetings are boring and awful and all, it's probably spinup times for me. Each and every change requires a minimum of 35 seconds of spinup to test. If i'm testing something with mailers or other daemons, that increases to easily 90+ seconds (plus the worker thread pickup times).

It's not enough time to do anything useful, and more than enough time to lose my focus. It turns every task into boring, tedious struggle. It's awful.

Apart from my coworkers, this is the single worst part about my job. (Okay, the awful code quality totally pushes this to third place.)

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    Find a way to lower the damn spinup times.
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    @Oktokolo lol yeah. a lot of people don't understand. these 90s add up. They think it's just 90 seconds but it's sooo much more
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    @iceb Normally, i wouldn't optimize such stuff either as that has a cost too. But if you need to do it a lot of times and will probably have to keep doing it in the future, and don't like the small break which comes with it, then automation and optimization probably make sense.
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    @Oktokolo That 35 sec was originally about 55 :)
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