Devs: Can we please get adequate hardware to do our job correctly? Please, just a new set of larger monitors.
Lower management: Sure, this is going to be easy.
Upper management: Wait what? This will cost us around 500€ times 10? Any maybe in the end other departments will want that to, so make it times 100.

We're a 4+ billion company ... but yes, please, I love scroll bars and they make my work so much faster.

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    So they are treating you like little kids:

    "No, you can’t have this toy because your brother then will want one for him, too"
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    @Lensflare Trust me, users are like that...

    Here one had to show something on the workstation of an other user. (Who had a different mouse) Now I get a daily reminder that the mouse of user 1 is crap and would like to have the same one as user 2... Daily struggle :D
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    We've started bringing our own mice and keyboards anyway. You can have a 5€ standard Dell keyboard and if you want something fancy, cause maybe you prefer typing on real keys, then you gotta bring it yourself. Apparently it's too much hassle of IT to keep track of too many different specs. Basically I understand that, but yes, it feels like child games.

    EDIT: At least IT is decent enough not to bitch about hardware we brought ourselves, as long as it's only a mouse and a keyboard.
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    I've given up and just accepted that large orgs are stuck in bureaucracy and routines, and are unable or unwilling to make budget considerations that go outside the "normal procedures".
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