My boss back in 2013 asked me to figure out why he was getting birthday notifications from his pet social media project almost a week early. It turns out the previous developers had written their own date library in which every month had exactly 30 days, leading to a year that was 5–6 days short of what it should have been. Apparently those morons didn’t know that some months have a different number of days than others. Or that leap years are a thing. Or that there’s a standard library full of tried-and-true functions that handle these kinds of things for you.

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    LOL. FuNnY.
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    Maybe they previously worked in finance? A bank year is 360 days..

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    i guess they only unittested against april, june, september and november
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    I want to build a culture around the calendar Asimov presents in the Tragedy of the Moon. 13 months of 28 days, each year and each 4 year cycle has an extra day that is not part of any month and delegated to rest, evaluation and planning.
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    "But quarters/trimesters don't work well" they don't work well in our current calendar either, they're very asymmetrical due to natural and cultural shifts throughout the year. Everyone would get an opportunity to reconsider the way their field of work segments time and make it more tailored to their effective situation.
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