I'm 2 months into my first dev job. Today, I was working on upgrading one of our products to React 18. Had a feeling my UI changes weren't being pushed to AWS so I wanted to test that. Changed all labels from ".. filter users..." to "shmilter shusers". Committed, then nearly pushed those changes for a PR. There are multiple lines of defence and only a 5% chance that no one would spot it but as soon as I realized that there's a small possibility that our customers would suddenly see "shmilter shusers" on their instances, I had an absolute fit. Maybe it's a "you had to be there" kind of thing but I don't remember the last time I laughed this hard.

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    I occasionally do this but most of the time I come to my senses in due time and instead define a dev mode triggered by a magic cookie which adds a "DEV MODE built <datetime>" ribbon. I do not want my confused coworkers to open tickets about about "shmilter shusers".

    Debugging scaffolds are less likely to cause problems if they're very obviously debugging scaffolds.
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    Wow, you've been around for a while.
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    @lorentz that sounds pretty cool, and probably much needed, seeing as I don't trust myself too well not to write dumb shit. where can I read more about setting up these cookies and ribbons?

    and yeah I mostly lurk, though I couldn't help myself this time - was still giggling as I was writing this
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    @lorentz I’ve been looking for you….. stay the fuck out of my equations!! Aging that black man from interstellar…. You ought to be ashamedđŸ˜¡
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