Just saw a youtube video about what the author of the core-js library is going through.

I feel for the man, honestly, I could never work fully on open sourced software since I know how hard it makes it to pay the bills, and but a handful of developers can actively receive financial backup.

What seems crazy to me, is that no company has come forward as sponsors for his creation.

His github account is a wild ride:


I looked around the internet, there is a lot of hate aimed at this man, which I think it is unfair.

Devs can be really mean spirited

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    Oh wow, what a mess! I'm not familiar with core-js, but from what I understand, the project should be scooped up by Mozilla (with him as the core maintainer ofc).

    Instead of MIT, big project should all switch to a "free for non-profits'" license IMO.
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    It is indeed surprising that no company has come forward as sponsors for his creation. It could be that the idea is not seen as having enough potential to be worth investing in, or it could be that the creator has not reached out to the right companies to get the necessary sponsorship. Whatever the case may be, it is definitely a missed opportunity for the creator and the companies that could have potentially benefitted from the sponsorship.
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    The hate comes mostly from libtards with ideological stance against him if you read carefully. Someday I'll be willing to drop him close to a 500 grand
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    Glad more people are aware of this man. The main problem is babel selfishly made core-js a.. well, CORE part of their library, and Node pretty much depends on a compiler like babel.

    Babel is way more visible than core-js is, and people mistakenly think they are one and the same. Babel gets some donations that trickle down from Node, but core-js gets nothing. The guys at Babel don't even have the technical knowledge (or willpower) to maintain core-js.

    The most fucked up thing about his saga is that one page he was getting most of his donations from deciding to blacklist russia as a whole, pretty much freezing/stealing the money.

    Node would be nowhere without core-js and yet they had the gall to ban the request for funding he added as a message on each npm install because it was "inappropriate", and then just carry on as if nothing had happened, not even making donations themselves.
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    Fucking shame on people that terrorize issue trackers with requests to remove the donation banner from installation output and those that think it's their holy duty to cancel the maintainer of core-js!

    It's those types of trolls that make OSM look retarded.
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