I am java dev with 5 yoe at a place which has really good engineering talent.
Was assigned a feature request.
Feature request requires me and one more older dev(in age, not in exp at company) to write the code. My piece is really super complex because of the nature of the problem and involves caching, lazy loading and tonne of other optimization. Naturally it makes up 90% of the tasks in the feature request. On the other hand, the older dev simply has to write a select query (infact he only needs to call it since a function is already written).
Older dev takes up all the credit, gives the demo, knows nothing but wrongly answers in meetings with higher ups and was recently awarded employee of qtr.
It looks as if I do the easy work whereas he is the one pulling in all the hard work.
Need advice to justify my work and make others realise it's significance, nuances of area and complexity of it.
Do not expect monetary benefits, just expect credit and recognition for the worth of work I am doing.

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    Leave. Polish your CV, and send it around.

    There is no way to handle credit stealing co-workers, without it getting really toxic, and/or personal.
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    Did you talk to him?
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    Do you have gut or similar, in that case you could show the difference in how much work you did, or did the coworker take you code and commit it all.

    In the later case I think it’s deliberate and can be hard to handle since he is probably experienced in stealing credit.
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    The company is really good with a good engineering team which is why leaving it over this makes little sense to me.
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    @ironhide0396 Which country are you in? Java devs are highly valued in the UK, many other places.
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    No git? No jira?
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    git jira? nada? there has got to be a way for you to demonstrate that what you did was more severe in terms of the impact to the overall application. At the same time, you can attribute this (in HR terms) as ageism since they assumed that the older dev did more than you, meaning: that dude is older, he probably did everything.

    Don't be afraid to fight for yourself
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    Not sure what I even want to talk to him about.
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    We do have gitlab, but it's no point in showing the git history to higer ups right ? They aren't even interested in gitlab as long as feature is out and working ? Don't want to act like a cry baby and going to them to complain.
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    Remote work, India.
    Company is a US based one though.

    On an extreme side note, any leads for remote work in java in uk ?
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    Exactly my point, given his age and seniority, it is just assumed that he did in all the hard work whereas in reality he barely knows anything about it at the current company and will call me up for smallest of things before meets with other people.
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    @ironhide0396 I could put you in touch with a UK recruiter, would be pretty much certain to result in several offers if you want them? Strong point is that you already work remote, and the yoe is ideal.
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