Me: Boss, i am not qualified for this. This is something totally different that what i do.
Boss: Just do what you can.
* Me does something which seems to work*
-- A few months or even years later:
Boss: Our distributed systems don't longer work. What happened?
Me, after checking different system: Oh, there is a key that expired. I didn't know this key had an expire date. So they can no longer connect.

Turns out we have to visit every remote system (driving distance of a few 100's km) and set a new key. We couldn't do it remotely since we lost access.

Maybe, just maybe, when your employee says he isn't qualified for a task, listen and search someone that know what he is doing.

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    The even more embarrassing thing is: There was someone external that set this system up in the first place, he had much more knowledge about it. But my boss had some difficulties with him and wanted to avoid him as much as possible (but his work was good).

    After that, which was years after, my boss had to contact him again and ask him for help.
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    You're not the hero they need, but the one they deserve.
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