I left my country (France) because of the working conditions that are absolutely terrific in software engineering.

Basically, 80% of the time you will be hired by agencies which rent you in a dishonest way to other companies. Half of the later use the agencies services because they are scared by the work code, which is tough but fair, and the other half can’t hire because the agencies put a lot of money to get the engineers and make money by renting employees.
Most of the companies you will work in in France will have outdated stack, and an awful bureaucratic hierarchy.
Your boss will suspect you do nothing.
There is also an untold competition taking place in every companies : who will stay the longer in the office, sometimes taking place until 8pm.

I moved to the UK, the country is absolutely awful, but the working conditions for engineers are a way better, more realistic.

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    @chatgpt "Terrific" means?
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    Terrific means extremely good, excellent or wonderful. It is often used to describe something that is impressive or exceptional. For example, you might say, “That was a terrific performance,” or “I had a terrific time at the party.”
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    @theKarlisK That is one of the words that have changed to mean the opposite than they did some decades ago though.
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    @Oktokolo was actually the auto correction but I am fine with unintended irony
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    Hard to imagine someone getting desperate enough to leave the EU for the UK of all places...

    That is like fleeing murrica for mexico.
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    @Oktokolo are you trolling about it having the inversed meaning today?
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    @jespersh https://merriam-webster.com/diction... still lists the old meaning as third synonym. But it seems, i got the time scale slightly wrong: https://etymonline.com/word/...

    You probably know how it is when you wake up from hibernation after a few centuries and you can barely understand what the kids are talking about...
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    @Oktokolo you just need an updated dictionary
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    I work in France and I don't have this experience at all.

    You don't have to work for an ESN (Entreprise des services Numériques - Digital Services Enterprise: the renting workers enterprises), and I found many stack up to date with nice management and scrum organization.

    I also never witnessed the "stay as late as possible" mentality.
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    "There is also an untold competition taking place in every companies : who will stay the longer in the office, sometimes taking place until 8pm."

    - Come at 13pm, problem solved 🤷
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    Pas qu’en France 😊

    Le stack de dev complètement outdated ? partout dans le monde.

    Je suis dan une boite ou je suis en position d’imposer le stack. Depuis 8 ans, avec pleins d’efforts, on a encore des projets en .net 4.5.

    J’ai reussi à migrer majorité vers .net 6.

    Il y a même 2 en .net 7.

    Mais c’est un travail de malade à essayer de maintenir à jour le stack complet de l’entreprise. Certains projets, tu te dis juste « Let it die ». Et apres 2 ans tu découvres que c’est « le truc super mega important pour les equipes de ventes ».
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    So.. basically... the working conditions in France are absolutely great!
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    @Jabb03 it is a majority of the jobs right now in engineering in France still, and one of the problem is that they are whales, with huge means to recruit a lot of people, and literally dry the market.
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    @daniel-wu Well, France has high standards in terms of working rights but the last people leading the country have done everything to destroy this culture, often criticising it (because you cannot remove worker’s rights in France that easily in France), in a way that a cynical and rather negative speech has settled there.
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    > the country is absolutely awful

    I too dislike having to travel to the UK
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