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me vs my job at mnc laggards

ok so this has been the first day where stuff started to feel a bit better. there were proper meetings this time, with hosts taking wholesome sessions and chiming everyone in. some meetings were boring ("our company values, ethics, coc, posh, rules... etc") but imp, others were interesting and imp (internal tools and how to use them)

i realise now how a company with 40k+ employees work and move forward, and the answer is slowly and carefully. everyone is voicinf out there own concerns and whining, and while some of them are genuine, alot of them are repetitive.

thankfully am a tech guy in an insurance giant, so my role is important enough to be taken seriously. the portals that were not working for me for last 5 days are now somewhat working and i got to know the s/w better.

the only concern i now have is to learn how to patiently wait for actions to happen, and abide by the rule of a system designed to handle all kinds of elements.

one such example : attendance. i didn't thought that attendence would be something i would experience post graduation, but here we got a software which needs to be opened EVERYDAY to mark the attendance, and that too ON COMPANY'S LAPTOP VIA COMPANY VPN . so this would mean taking my laptop everywhere , and physically apply for leaves if otherwise.

this is a bit of a hectic thing as it adds the dependency of my manager. as previously i would be afk for 99% of my day and no one would bat an eye :// i can work @3am-5am in night and no one would care, but here the things are different and difficult :/

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