Working at a big-ish tech is like a completely different world.

Do we even speak the same words?

Why can't you say agree like a normal person. Who the frig made "++" a real life word (is it a verb/noun? wtf is it)

and then all those other acronyms like OKR, P1,p2,p3

Who talks like that?

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    Ah my sweet culture shock
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    Never heard or read ++ as a verb.
    Except for devRant of course.
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    I thought it was just a thing at my current company. then I saw people on blind going "++" this as well.
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    ++ is a verb, pronounced ĭn′krə-mənt
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    Yep the acronyms are strong with these people yet they complain if we use tech ones.

    My old company used KPI, new one uses OKR and they move on to a new acronym of the month with product led organisation (PLO) or blah blah initiative (BBI).
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    @hjk101 Yeah it's wild. And to them they are so common they expect everyone to know what they are. It's a different world
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