What’s your take on engineering managers just focusing on delivering the product. Making sure the management happy.

To begin, i want to clear it out that my EM is a really sweet person and tries to accommodate all of us and takes pressure off us whenever possible.

But he’s a really shitty manager. He’s the kinda guy whom you can give a weekend project and he’ll an excellent job. On the other hand, if the taks requires more than a weekend, he’ll probably fuck it up.
He thinks everything can be done in a jiffy and we don’t need to think about the edge cases.
His reasoning for not giving quality importance is that he wants us to focus on building the product and making it shippable. We can iron out issues once we get it done.
He’s decided not to let the tests run in the cicd pipeline because that might hinder making hot fixes.
I’ve tried talking to him but he believes that’s the only way management is willing to agree to.

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    He's micromanaging. And making some really stupid decisions. If my EM suddenly decided to disable tests in the pipeline, I'm overruling him and turning them back on. If he tries to pull rank on that, I'm walking away.

    I'm either being given the time, space, and freedom to make a decent product using decent practices, or I'm sodding off to somewhere else.
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    'Cocksucker" & 'Contractor' have the same amount of letters, vowels and consonants.
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