Hey Root, we have a high priority ticket for you! It's adding some columns to a report. Should be simple. Details are in the ticket.

First: reports are some of the most boring, drool-inducing drudgery i have ever worked on.

Second: Specs for these reports are a nightmare since everything is ... very indirectly tested, and the specs are everywhere but where you'd expect them to be, so it's a lot of spelunking and trial/error. It's also slow as beans.

Anyway. The ticket's details are in ... not the worst engrish i've ever seen, but it's bad enough that i have no idea what they're asking despite (thus far) five attempts at deciphering it. There's also a numbered list of "fields" to add, so you'd think it would be straightforward. It is not. Half the list is crossed out, and half of the remaining items are feature requests (in yet more engrish), not columns to add. Also, one of the actual fields is impossible as the data it's asking for is not recorded anywhere.


I cringe every time I see this person's name as the reporter because it's always the same. and honestly, there are more of these engrish people every month, and believe me: it isn't just a language barrier...

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    Diversity hires?
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    I also generate report for other people. The best advice I can give you is to ask the person about the specs and get the new more clear specs in writing with his confirmation.

    Do not start doing anything until the specs are clear. I repeat do not start anything until the specs are clear.
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    @UnicornPoo I tried that. It backfired 6 months after the project was completed. Still suffering from that shit. I don’t recommend. Sometimes there are good people at the client’s company who really look into things. Later, no matter how hard you try to explain that the requirements were not defined and the docs were shit, everyone would say “why didn’t you get clarification from the client”. No one is buying that I did attempt to bring it up on a zoom where they said “It’s all very well defined and I don’t think it needs more explanation”.
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