After Years, I've Returned! CEO and Founder of Team/Company Productions HH108!

New Announcements!
new Team Member otogi-cho 🦊🌺
Welcome to the Team!
Otogi-Cho 🦊🌺

Togi is our devloper in charge of Combat systems and polish work.

HH108 Hopes to Post a Working Beta Version of our new game "Filthy Frank'z" With a Post war theme of endless zombies chasing after you a Filthy Frank! (Hotdog) It's up to you and your allies to decide how to win!
We can only express how excited we are to launch this beta release!
In the meantime sit back and realize just how lame life is without this game...ik that's right, you can't!

Beta in current progress (no current release)
Be back soon with more info, screenshots, updates and more!

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