Project was based on Ionic3 with angular and SCSS.

Ionic has an SCSS array with colours that generates countless CSS classes for each combination of color-component.

Smh I managed to reduce the amount of colours in that array and reduced the overall size of the final CSS by 48% (from ~8MB to 4.1MB)

Of course the overall app had no performance increase BC the problem is the main.js file which is about 12MB with no lazy load

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    <!--HTML + hand-written CSS laugh in a corner-->
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    I don't know if we are colleagues or ionic/angular sucks really that much. My project takes 15 minutes to build (no prod option, just the normal build with or without hot reload).
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    @crisz You gotta have some problem there... Our build takes like 4m but has about 150 components...

    The prod version takes about 15 minutes... but ionic is literally just a graphic/ui library with nothing more.
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